iSurrender Glastonbudget 2014





iSurrender  Future Dates

Dates 2015

More Dates TBC

  • 21st Aug 12 Bar Club Islington London
  • 31st July The Shed Leicester
  • July 25th Miners Arms Park Street Alfreton
  • Friday 10th July Smithy’s Marina Bar Shardlow
  • July 4th Hose Fest


  • June 13th Private Function
  • June 6th Jacksdale Social Club,  Jacksdale
  • May 30th  Inn The Middle,   Langley Mill  9.00PM
  • May 23rd   Glastonbudget  4.00PM
  • May 16th Smithy’s Marina Bar 9.00 PM
  • April 2nd Jam  smithy’s Marina
  • Support Ben Jovi  Wetmore Whistle Burton

Past Dates 2014

  • December 13th Miners Arms Alfreton
  • November 7th Support Ben Jovi at Southwingfield
  • September 27th Inn The Middle Langley Mill
  • September 20th Royal Oak Westwood
  • 5th September Glastonbudget Audition at The Shed
  • 19th August Horsley WMC
  • Saturday 5th July Hose festival
  • Saturday 28th December Dog and Doublet
  • Saturday 11th January 2014 Leigh Arms Chorley
  • Wednesday 22nd January 2014 The Shed Leicester
  • Thursday 27th Feb Alfreton Grange School
  • Saturday 1st  March Royal Oak Westwood ( Jacksdale)
  • Friday 14th March Private Function
  • Saturday 15th March Longford Engine Coventry 9.00pm
  • Mayday Village inn Marehay
  • Glastonbudget May 23rd-25th
  • Saturday 31st May Midland Hotel Ripley 9.00pm