Nathan iSurrender Glastonbudget 2014

Hello everybody. I’m Nathan Biggs and I play guitar for iSurrender. I have been playing guitar for years and have been having lessons every since I started playing. I have lessons with Andy Chadwick in Ripley. I got into playing guitar because of the fact that my dad played and I thought it would be fun to learn. We sometimes have a quick jam.

My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs and The Vaccines. I love watching bands live to see how they work and interact with each other and the audience.

Some people find it interesting to know what gear I use when performing with iSurrender so here goes.

Fender telecaster ’72 custom

Epiphone SG

Gretsch electromatic Jr

Ibanez GRG270B

I don’t really have a set pedal layout as it seems to change often but as for now I use the following.

Fender PT100 Tuner

Boss FV-500L Volume pedal

Moen MO-OB Deep Blue overdrive

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Marshall Blues breaker (boost mode)

Behringer US600 pitch shift/Harmonist

Vox delay lab

To power my pedals I use a Harley Benton Power Plant.

I use a pedal board built by my dad as I couldn’t find one suitable for what I needed.

To get from my guitar to my board I either use a Trantec s4.4 wireless system or a fender California Lake Placid Blue guitar cable.

To make noise I use a Marshall JMD-50 head into a custom made 2×12 16 ohm cab.

When I’m not playing my guitar I like to watch videos of famous guitarist’s guitar rigs to see what they do and why they do it to see if I can learn anything that is useful to me.

I do sometimes play on my PS3 mainly fifa 13 because I’m actually really bad at most games so I stick to fifa I’m bad at this as well but at least I enjoy it. I support Hull City A.F.C and occasionally go up to watch them in Hull.

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