How’s everyone doing then? I’m Ben, I play guitar and I occasionally get out the ukulele. I sing as well, lead singer and songwriter. My main influences guitar wise are definitely David Gilmour and a band called Driftless Pony Club. My song writing style stems from listening to early Pink Floyd music, Jonas Brothers (guilty pleasure) and my love for Arctic Monkeys, creating a sort of catchy fun indie rock cake with a bit of a burnt edge. Writing songs for the band is my passion, I’ve never written anything for just me to play and I feel like the rest of the bands playing styles influence my writing style. People often ask how I go about writing songs and the short answer is I don’t know. I just find inspiration from things around me, it could be a phrase someone says, a person or just a place where I’ve been. As far as it goes for hobbies music is my main hobby. I also enjoy making small filmic videos and learning about other bands. I’m a very passionate actor, which is where a lot of my love for performing comes from. Thanks for reading this! Don’t forget to download our album!

What I use:


Fender American Special Telecaster in Olympic White

Custom Telecaster in Gold

1996 Squier Stratocaster in Red and in Black


Marshall AVT 150

Vox Pathfinder 15R (Borrowing Nathan’s 4×10)


I use fender performance series cables

And cheap patch cables that have no brand at the moment.

Rotosound pedal connectors


Behringer Vintage Delay

Behringer Preamp Booster

Joyo Vintage Overdrive

Mooer Shimverb

Fender PT-100

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